About Fight Scene


It’s about the bigger picture, the hard work, the graft, the pain and self belief that goes on behind the scenes, much of which people don’t hear or talk about.

In 2011 living in difficult circumstances away from home, my young daughter fell ill with a serious illness, Dad diagnosed with terminal illness, and we were enduring difficult living circumstances.

I knew it was important to reach out and look to the future, but needed a focus. I had grown up with sport and knowing the benefits joined a gym, and soon became involved with boxing training, and kickboxing. Amongst other achievements I went on to pass kickboxing belts over the next few years.

Quickly I had recognised the hard work that goes on behind the Fight Scene, the dedication, motivation, focus and confidence it brings, from the grass root up, but also felt there was not enough acknowledgement for sports persons and all involved in the industry who work so hard behind the scenes. I wanted to give deserved recognition to people, and the sport that had helped me personally.

Enzo Calzaghe

Enzo Calzaghe MBE

Bocsio Magazine was created, and launched in 2013. This was a quarterly hard copy boxing magazine, which grew organically, and later became bi-monthly, each issue building from the last. Aiming to provide something for everyone, from amateurs to the professional scene, an MMA section was soon introduced.

Whilst on the circuit I met Enzo Calzaghe. Enzo soon endorsed Bocsio and became our regular columnist, he truly believed in the magazine and the platform he had to voice his opinion.

We made the decision to re-brand to Fight Scene, create a new website and later return to the hard copy.


We endorse and support the whole Fight Scene from Authorities to Promoters, Fighters to Sponsors and Fans, by way of Endorsement, Features, Event Support & Ticket Sales, Sponsor Visibility….. you will find something for everyone.

The Fight Scene is our passion. We live it, breathe it and our readers need to believe it !

Fight Scene Hard Copy Coming Soon!