Deontay Wilder, is marking five years, as Heavyweight Champion of the World Boxing Council.

born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on October 22, 1985, Deontay showed from a young age a fascination but also an aptitude for sports, especially basketball and football, proving he was a natural athlete.

He was close to being part of the most important university teams in the United States, but a key fact in his life changed everything. The birth of his first daughter, Naieya.

The new life as a father realigned Wilder’s goals. The young athlete had to leave behind the basketball and soccer fields, to focus on the labor field, and start generating income to support his wife and daughter.

The money he earned from his multiple jobs was not enough, since his daughter was born with a rare spinal disease, called spina bifida. Over the months complex and comprehensive treatment became necessary. This new need led Deontay to search and find the world of boxing, as a way out to earn more money.

Deontay was 20 when he turned his hand to boxing. it was an exacting time in which he was using his great condition as an athlete and physique, quickly adapting to boxing.

In 2007 he won the Golden Gloves, the most important amateur boxing competition in the United States. He used his considerable reach of 211 centimeters, his speed and the power that characterizes him.

Deontay’s impressive performances took him to the national boxing team to participate in the Beijing Olympic Games, where he won the bronze medal, earning his nickname “The Bronze Bomber”.

Following his success at the Olympics, Deontay fought his debut as a professional in 2008. Since then, he has built a tremendously successful Career, with 42 victories including 41 knockouts and a draw.

But the fight on January 17, 2015 against Bermane Stiverne, was the most important of his career, as he managed to win the prestigious World Boxing Council heavyweight belt and break an eight-year drought for the United States, thirsting for a champion in this division.

The WBC family congratulates Deontay for his fifth anniversary as world champion. Fighting the fight with all of his might


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