Ahmed Ready To Be The Aggressor

Ijaz Ahmed has promised to show his aggressive side in his second professional contest on BCB Promotions’ ‘No Guts, No Glory’ show at Walsall Town Hall on Saturday 4th March writes James Eley.

The 23-year-old was reserved on his debut victory against Craig Derbyshire in November but this time he is eager to show his knock-out ability.

“I want to be an aggressive fighter that comes forward,” he told bcb-promotions.com. “Coming in with those hooks and rolls; that is what I am about. Hopefully I can show that in this fight and be more like myself.

“I think every fight is like a title fight. You have to nail down and train hard for every fight you have. I want to impress in this next fight because with the debut I was careful and holding back. I took the first round to suss out what he was about and he was loading up on his shots so I relaxed and boxed him and beat him comfortably. But we are working on a few things in the gym and hopefully the next performance will be a lot more aggressive from me and I can go out with real intent.”

Ahmed is desperate to impress at the Town Hall so that he can secure sponsorship to help him in his professional endeavours and he has vowed to give all those in attendance a spectacle when he steps into the ring.

“I am looking for sponsors to help me on my journey,” he explained. “I want to make sure that I send a message to people in this next fight and show them that this guy means business. I want to show everyone what I am about and I want people to leave and think ‘that guy is good’. The performance is key in this next fight.

“I don’t know who my opponent is yet. With these first few professional ones you never know until like a week before who it is going to be. As you go up higher you know before you even have the date. It doesn’t matter to me because anyone who comes in front of me, my goal is to beat them anyway necessary. I don’t mind travelling to Walsall. It is only a short trip up there this time but I have no problems with travelling either. It is just about getting in there now wherever the fight is, I am raring to go.

“I was doing 3×3’s in the amateurs because it is at elite level. So it is not really too bad stepping up one more round in the pro game. But there is a lot more going on in professional fights and you have to be aware of everything in the ring. Training is more intense since I turned professional and you can see that in my performances now. But I am fine doing the four rounds and I feel comfortable with it. I have always been told that my style is more like a professional style so I haven’t really felt the switch difficult at all, it has just come natural to me so far.”

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