Enzo’s prediction – Haye vs Bellew

Enzo Calzaghe’s column – (his opinions always being his own and not necessarily those of Fight Scene Magazine)

First of all, I want to emphasises David Haye is my friend, and talking about boxing in general, David Haye is a fantastic and magical boxer who has won many titles. But he has been out for a few years, and not been properly tested since his return.

In the past, David Haye would have probably stopped Tony Bellew. The reality is though he hasn’t really boxed for 3 years, and coming back after such a break can be bad.

As far as what’s we are seeing in TV, in my opinion, it’s pantomime. I know David Haye as a gentleman so there’s a lot of showcase (I suspect) to help sell the show. However,  I think Bellew actually means his words of hatred. He wants to do what it takes to beat the guy. Nobody has actually said they want to kill each other.

It’s when you look into a fighter’s eyes that you see the real hunger. Just look into their eyes and that will tell all. I think Bellew is the hungrier man.

I believe that David Haye has got to get Bellew out by the 6th or 7th round. Drop him whatever, it doesn’t matter. If that doesn’t happen, I think there may be a problem. By 8 rounds, Bellew can still crack on.

I hope David Haye wins, but I think Bellew will win. He is so hungry and when he has been down he gets back up and cracks on – he has got the hunger in him.

As a boxing trainer I think Bellew has the better chance to win.

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