Heavyweight Round Up: Fury, Whyte, Joshua

By Jon Sutton

Fury V Seferi – 9th June



Image: BT Sport (click for info)


OK let’s face it, this is a warm up bout.

Seferi does hold some power, but will he land clean? Doubtful.

A man of Fury’s size is difficult to hit as it is but Tyson is notoriously awkward for a big man.

And even if Seferi does land clean, he is the much smaller man. He was only considered powerful as a Cruiserweight – the division in which he last fought just two fights ago.

To Fury’s credit, he will bring more than a size advantage Saturday night though. Since he beat Klitschko, went to hell and back with depression, then returned to the gym, Fury has lost a ton of weight and shown a ton of improvement in terms of speed, technique and movement – so don’t expect to see him in any trouble as he dances towards victory in the MEN tomorrow night.

Speaking of which… you boys planning on doing the business tomorrow night… or the Macarena?


Well what can we say… it WAS just a warm up bout afterall! Sefer Seferi retired after four rounds of very little punishment with his chin held high – and relatively undamaged – despite eating a big uppercut that forced his decision. Fury stated that he could have ended it in ten seconds but chose to get a few rounds under his belt instead. They hugged. They collected their pay cheques. Then they went home to their families.


Image: BT Sport



Whyte V Parker – 28th July



Image: Sky Sports (click for more info)


Dillian Whyte, the man who shook Anthony Joshua both in and out of the ring, has lined up a fight against Joseph Parker, the only man to take AJ the distance.

Whilst it never makes good boxing sense to use maths for these equations, you can be certain that if Whyte knocks him out, he’ll stick that front and centre on his showreel as he hunts for a Joshua rematch.

So how could this fight go?

Whyte rocked AJ, Parker didn’t… Round 1 to Whyte. Parker went the distance though, Whyte didn’t… Round 2 to Parker.

After that, it’s anyone’s guess. But one thing we can predict is that Joseph Parker’s boxer style & granite chin will blend perfectly with Dillian Whyte’s move-in-and-throw-bombs style.

Why didn’t we think of this fight before?




Joshua V Povetkin/Wilder





In short, negotiations for both fights are ongoing.

Povetkin looks likely to sign in the next 36 hours, for a bruising battle with AJ, in a UK stadium, this September.

Wilder, whilst looking less of a certainty, is expected to happen in February, once the purse and the location can be agreed by both parties. But this could happen even sooner – Eddie Hearn expects it to be agreed within the next month.