“I enjoy displaying my skill to the spectators, and I see boxing like painting a picture. When I’m on my A-game, which is every time I fight, the winning takes care of itself.”




Morgan Jones knows what he wants, knows how he wants to get there….and you better believe him when he tells you so convincingly.



Jones admits that he wasn’t born with this confident and exuberant persona, but it has manifested itself in his personality due to what boxing has given to him.

“It’s hard to put into words how much boxing has helped me,” he says. “What I can say is that it has made me the man I am today – I am hard working, strong, confident, everything a man is supposed to be. All thanks to this sport.”

Jones has had his fair share of crosses to bare with some truly heartbreaking situations in his life, but even when asked about the losses he has been through, his defiant attitude shines through. “Boxing helped me through the hard times,” Jones says. “It was a reason to get out of bed and stay motivated. Boxing kept (and keeps) me around good, positive people that want to see you be the best you can be.”


Confidence personified and the skillset to back it up, Jones points out his self-belief in his timing and his arsenal to get his hand raised at the final bell. He knows if he applies himself and fights his own fight, the wins will come……but he wants to put a show on whilst he does it. “I enjoy displaying my skill to the spectators,” he says. “I see boxing like painting a picture. When I’m on my A-game, which is every time I fight, the winning takes care of itself.”


There can be no debate over the list of qualities the Aberdare-based super middleweight possesses, but it was interesting to find out why people should be getting a ticket and going to watch “Team Chocolate” in action. “If you enjoy watching effortless boxing masterclasses, you should watch me fight.
“ If you enjoy watching super middleweights getting dropped or knocked out, you should watch me fight!”


With Jones highlighting he is the man to watch, it was intriguing to find out who has been influential to him. He mentions James Toney, and his fight against Vassiliy Jirov, which made him more and more smitten with the sport as well as influencing his commitment to composure and technique.James Toney is one of my favourite fighters anyway” he says. “In this particular fight the odds were stacked against him when he faced an undefeated Olympic champion from Kazakhstan, with a huge KO% and a great fighter. Toney grinded out the win through slick boxing and staying calm under pressure.” Characteristics he plans on emulating.


Jones boasts a record of 13-2-0. The build up to fights have been good, and Jones is ecstatic with how things have gone!

“I’ve now teamed up with Mountain Ash Boxing Club, and the support I’ve had from Pebbles and Shane has been unbelievable. My work rate, aggression and confidence have gone through the roof. I’m really excited to show the boxing world a new Morgan Jones come fight night.”


“If I see ANY signs of weakness in my opponent…..he’ll be having an early night!”



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By Joe Price

Images by Liam Hartery

B/W Image by Matchroom Boxing