Lightning struck thrice, as “The Bronze Bomber” Deontay Wider, made quick work of defending his World Boxing Council heavyweight for the 6th time, blasting out mandatory contender, Bermane Stiverne, within just one round!


Bermane had confidently pledged he would destroy Deontay, but the Pride of Alabama was the one who had the “Bam.” Deciding to use his considerable height and reach advantages over Bermane, a long straight right through a leaky guard, abruptly sent Bermane to the canvass. The surprised Canadian fighter got up quickly, but he was felled again by another massive right, which landed high up on his forehead.




Shellshocked, Bermane who was a 254 and a half pounds, a full sixteen pounds heavier than their first encounter in 2015, struggled upright, on unsteady legs, and was dispatched with a left right combination back to from where he had landed.




Referee Arthur Mercante Jr, had seen enough of the one sided drubbing and stopped it, with but one second of round one.


After the bout and speaking to Jim Gray of Showtime, towering and impressive WBC heavyweight champion, Deontary, who weighed a well conditioned trim 220 pounds, reiterated his desire and determination to unify the championships tersely commenting: “So much frustration. It just seems like my career has been crazy, with so many guys ducking me. I just want to prove that I am the best!



Bermane Stiverne was the only fighter who’d lasted the distance with him, first time around, when Deontay Wilder had shorn him of his crown, with a UD. This time Deontay, who was in no mood for a long drawn out encounter, devastatingly finished the job he started, leaving the ring with his unbeaten record of 39 wins with 38 KO´s, still securely intact.


* Thank you to Sumio Yamada for the images *

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