The Soumaya museum located in the very heart of Mexico City, was the apt setting where WBC middleweight champion  Saúl “Canelo”  Álvarez received his Green and Gold Belt from the World`s richest man Carlos Slim and President of the WBC, Mauricio Sulaiman.


But there was so much more.  The ornate and priceless Chiapas belt designed by  artisans depicting  pre-Hispanic warriors, plus the wondrous  Huichol belt that bears the name “The strongest deer in Mexico.” While Canelo`s baby Daughter was cradling the Champion`s wrist belt in her tiny hands.  And to top it off His coach Eddy Reynoso was presented with the Trainer`s belt!


Carlos Slim, who built the museum in memory of his late Wife,  said that Mexico needs more role models like Saúl Álvarez, a young man who dreamed of sporting glory and even when he has conquered it, he continues to work with the same passion and total dedication. He commented that Saul could receive the National Sports Award soon.


In the ten years of its existence,  Ring Telmex-Telcel,  has created due to the vision of WBC Lifetime President Jose Sulaiman and Carlos Slim, a specifically designed platform and springboard to sponsor, support, develop and flourish brilliant young talent. Fifteen world champions have emerged. Modest yet quietly proud Carlos Slim said:


“It is an honour for us to honour one of our first recipients of the Ring Telmex-Telcel grant. A young man who arrived with dreams and with the hunger to become an idol. Today  those dreams have been crystallized and I am sure that he still has some more goals to be fulfilled. I congratulate our champion. This is a celebration and a triumph of Canelo due to this willpower, strength and also his team. Canelo is an example, and also the other boxers here!”


And what a lineup of : Carlos Cuadras, Eduardo “Rocky” Hernandez,  Isaac “Tortas” Bustos, Ibeth “Roca” Zamora, Rey Vargas, Francisco “Bandido” Vargas sitting alongside all time greats Ruben “Puas” Olivares, who received a huge ovation and Humberto “Chiquita” Gonzalez.


Mauricio Sulaiman said: “This day was very special, because we recognize a champion who has dedicated his life to boxing, to put on high the name of Mexico. A young man who does not forget his roots and who has been an inspiration for many young people… Saul Alvarez. His contest against Gennady Golovkin to win the belt was one of the great fights of history.”




Canelo said the WBC has been his home since he started in Boxing,  thanking  Don Jose Sulaiman and Mauricio Sulaiman for all of their support and confidence.  He stressed that this will be an unforgettable day for him and his team. He also thanked Mr Carlos Slim and the whole team of Ring Telmex-Telcel Foundation who gave him the support and confidence at the beginning of his career.


“I am very happy to be with all of you, I never imagined a reception like this, with so much affection and full of familiar faces.  I thank each of you for the support.  The fight of September 15 was one of the most important of my career.  I defeated a  great champion, but I promised you all that night was my night and I fulfilled it. There is still much to be done!


” I`m WBC champion and in front of all of you I promise to wear the colors with pride and defend my title against the best of my division.”


Watch presentation of WBC Middleweight belt HERE


Then Erik Gomez, the President of Golden Boy Promotions, who commented that they have worked with Saul for ten years since he fought in small arenas until today that he is an idol, still preserving  and  conserving  humility and work ethic via discipline and dedication.


Jose “Chepo”  Reynoso,  who`s been in Canelo`s  corner since he was thirteen year old boy said this day is indescribable, because Saul has dedicated   himself    with sheer determination  on a path which has not been easy, stressing:  “Saul has never has given up, has always gone in search of his goals and achieved them.”


Golden Boy President Eric Gomez,  accompanied WBC  middleweight champion Saul Canelo Alvarez to Mexico City to receive four WBC belts says there more historically defining contests ahead to build on his triumphs.


Describing The Presentation  in Mexico City Eric said: “This is historic and it`s beautiful to see a fighter come to fruition after many years of hard work. Canelo is still very young, he takes care of himself, he leads a clean life.  In many ways it`s just a beginning.  He`s in his prime and peak right now and the sky`s the limit.


“With the bout against Rocky Fielding on December 15th, it`s a great fight.  Saul is trying to make history, moving up in weight to challenge a super middleweight champion.  He wants all of his fights to be historic.  Saul “Canelo” Alvarez wants to make history. We are a team forever. Congratulations to Saul.”