Head injuries, Brain Injuries and Protection


We have seen a few deaths in recent months and the problem I think is that since we have developed punches in bunches and people are starting to use this method, boxing has changed. In the old days it was more like 1, 2 3 or 4 punches the whole round. Now people try to charge and try to get the opponent out in 3 or 4 rounds. They are landing 6 or 7 times in a row, maybe more trying to get rid of the guy straight away and I think this is the reason why it is more dangerous. They will go for the brain, go for the head continuously.


I trained my boxers to hit faster and now the technique punches with bunches has been captured.



You can’t tackle it in that you can’t change the style of boxing, it has gone around the world. We can’t change sport, but there needs to be more protection. Sport can be dangerous and in theory we shouldn’t try throwing shots at the brain.


Boxing is not considered as a normal sport. Punches in bunches is dangerous and unites hitting to the head, the cure could be some type of head protection.


The problem now is that people are dying like flies because the system of boxing has changed, the way to cure it in my opinion is probably with head guards. We don’t want to see fights with headguards but it is a cure, we can’t tell a boxer to throw one punch at a time and be careful with punches, it doesn’t work that way.


Boxing isn’t aimed for the brain, or to cause head injury, but it is happening too often and we need to tackle this. There is a cruelty and honesty in boxing. I don’t believe a fighter wants to go there and literally knock them out.

My advice would be drop them then counter them and call it a day.


How to do this? – talks with the BBBofC and Authorities. We can’t change boxing as it is now. Everyone enjoys the speed of it, the punching of it, they can’t slow this down that wouldn’t be boxing anymore, everything is going faster in all sports. The punches are more powerful.