Photo: Sarah Hopkins Photography

Today It gave us great pleasure and purpose in meeting Mauricio Sulaiman Saldivar WBC President.

Mauricio had flown in from Mexico to launch the new National Assembly Cross Party Group on boxing.

The story of boxing was told from the sport of nobles, being banned and to the boxing we now have today.

A sport and community of  Hope & Glory  that transforms lives in so many ways.

Mauricio told us his personal story of losing his eminent father and all the incredible work he did.

The legacy now lives on with the WBC and Mauricio’s continued leadership, work and projects that are rolled out globally.

The story resonated heavily with my own story and journey that lead me to the Fight Scene Magazine

The Key message being the only way to be successful is through unity.

To find out more about what was said in today’s monumental meeting of boxing minds, And what this means for boxing in Wales and Worldwide, stay tuned… next article coming soon.

Photo: Sarah Hopkins Photography