Eddie Hearn:

“Thank you to everyone for making their way here to this wonderful venue. We are so lucky to be given the opportunity to promote boxing here in Monaco and without everybody at the Monte-Carlo SBM this wouldn’t be possible. 

“We’re promoting over 50 shows a year Worldwide now and all kinds of different events. 90,000 at Wembley Stadium, last week we were in Kansas, next week we’re in Florence. This event is becoming a regular fixture on our international calendar. This is the third year running we’ve been here in Monaco. The shows keep on getting stronger and stronger, the fights get better and better. The demand continues to grow, and so does the international TV distribution, this show will be shown all around the World in all territories. 

“The show on Saturday is fantastic, World title fights, fights for young prospects to get on the World scene, fighters battling for their careers, Heavyweight clashes and great stories.”


Denis Lebedev – Checkhov, Russia – 31-2, 23 KO’s – fighting Mike Wilson for the WBA Cruiserweight World title:

“I am happy boxing in Monte-Carlo and I am happy boxing with team Matchroom. I couldn’t understand what my opponent was saying but it sounds like he is a very humorous guy, a very fun guy. I am trying to live the same way, I am a fun guy as well. I’m really happy that he comes with an amazing attitude for Saturday’s clash.

“Thinking that I am in a different stage of my career when the best Denis Lebedev is already gone is a mistake, I’m really glad he’s got that type of thing in his head. I’ve had many long breaks in my career and I’ve always come back as a better fighter. I am coming back as a lion and I have huge plans for my career. I feel better than ever and I’m happy to show you what the real Denis Lebedev is all about. Please don’t blink.”


Mike Wilson – Oregon, USA – 19-0, 8 KO’s – fighting Denis Lebedev for the WBA Cruiserweight World title:

“It’s a real honour to be here, it’s a beautiful place. Thanks to Eddie Hearn and Matchroom Boxing for having me. We’ve had a great camp and we’re ready to show the World what they’ve been missing, what we can do. I truly believe that this fight has come at the perfect time for me. Denis has been a great Champion in the past but I believe that I’m getting him at the right time. His best form is behind him. This is going to be like Rocky 4. I feel good about this, I really do. I’ve come here to give all of you guys a good show and hopefully we’ll be back here.

“This is a big step up for me but I fight life every day. This is easy, the hard work is behind me, training camp is behind us and now it’s time just to put it all together and fight. A flock of pelicans couldn’t even keep me away from this fight. We were leaving Salt Lake City and we had to get escorted in by fire trucks and all that. You have to fight through adversity to get the things you want in life and we want that WBA World title. If I had to I was going to go in there and land the plane myself! I’m just glad to be here.”



Alexander Ustinov – Paustovo, Russia – 34-2, 25 KO’s – fighting Michael Hunter for the WBA International Heavyweight title:

“While I am enjoying the atmosphere here in Monaco, I have only got one thought in my head. The chances can run out, and with this chance I have to take it. I need to be fighting for the World title very soon. I’ll prove on Saturday that I am a worthy competitor.”



Michael Hunter – Las Vegas, USA – 15-1, 10 KO’s – fighting Alexander Ustinov for the WBA International Heavyweight title:

“First of all I would like to thank Matchroom Boxing, DAZN and Sky Sports for having me. If you guys don’t know me, you’ll get to know me a little bit more come Saturday. I’m usually an action-packed, exciting fighter. I’m just ready to showcase my skills and burst onto the Heavyweight scene. Come Saturday you’ll see me perform and do my best.

“We stay away from what is strong and attack what is weak. I know my strengths and I know his strengths as well. It’s going to make for an action-packed fight because of the height difference. I’m very excited. I can feel it, I’m right there and this is another great opportunity for me to showcase who I’ve always been.”


Kal Yafai – Birmingham, England – 24-0, 15 KO’s – making the fourth defence of his WBA Super-Flyweight World title:

“Thanks for having me everyone. I’m very excited to be here. On Saturday night I’m going to put on a great show for everyone. I’ve had a great training camp, I’m ready to show my skills once again, show my explosiveness. Everything that you see on Saturday night I’m sure you won’t forget.

“I’ve taken this guy very seriously. I’ve trained 12 hard weeks for this fight. I’ve had brilliant sparring, my preparation has been great. I feel like I’m improving all of the time. I’m looking to be explosive on Saturday night. I’m looking to go in there on Saturday night and impress and put out another note to all of the other Champions. Don’t blink.”



Israel Gonzalez – Los Cabos, Mexico – 23-2, 10 KO’s – challenging Kal Yafai for the WBA Super-Flyweight World title:

“Hello to everyone. I am very happy to be here, Monaco is a great place. I’m ready for Saturday night, you’re going to see a beautiful fight. He is a tough opponent and a great Champion. I know it is going to be a difficult and strong fight but I’m ready to show everyone my boxing skills.”



Fanlong Meng – Chifeng, China, 13-0, 8 KO’s – defending his IBF Inter-Continental Light-Heavyweight title against Frank Buglioni:

“It’s an honour for me to be here in Monaco, this is a great show. No matter how much you know about me, it doesn’t matter, because after this fight you’re going to remember my name, a professional boxer from China.”




Frank Buglioni – Enfield, England – 22-3-1, 16 KO’s – challenging Fanlong Meng for the IBF Inter-Continental Light-Heavyweight title:

“It’s a lovely experience to be here.What a prestigious venue, and taking it all in and enjoying the different experience. I feel very privileged to be here. I put the work in in my training camp to show how much I’m looking forward to fighting.

“I’ve come back to the form that I had when I was preparing to be the challenger against Hosea Burton. I’ve got that drive and hunger and I’ve reached that form in the gym. I’m confident and I respect Fanlong, he’s a very good fighter and he was a top class amateur, but I’ve put the work in and I’m very confident in my ability to go and get that title.”



Daniyar Yeleussinov – Berezino, Kazakhstan – 4-0, 2 KO’s – fighting Marcos Mojica in his fifth professional contest:

“I love this place. It’s my first time here and I hope it won’t be the last. I like to box in different countries in front of different people with different mentalities. Watch me on Saturday on Sky Sports!”









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Images by Mark Robinson of Matchroom Boxing