WBC Code of ethics urges decency fairness

WBC Code of ethics urges decency fairness


The World Boxing Council has developed a Code of Ethics which is going to be distributed in poster form to gyms and will also be available digitally.


It urges everyone involved in The Noble Art to behave nobly, with common sense, honour, adhering to fairness, in a contact sport which needs a tempering spirit concerning all actions at all times. The Ethics Code is an integral part of the WBC`s first annual report of Social Responsibility, who`s main Headline is: “Our muscle is the heart.”


The Code explores and seeks to modify as well as mollify any controversial behaviour for all involved in boxing, with each and every one having a direct and distinct responsibility for his/her behaviour. Several recent incidents at weigh ins and at press conferences have involved serious incidents. In the heat of the moment rashness can cause lasting injury, quite apart from insult.  Years ago WBC Lifetime President suffered very serious injuries at the Press Conference leading to the Lennox Lewis Vs Mike Tyson fight, some of which had a permanent effect.


There are twelve guiding principles. Some of the most important include protecting the well-being of boxers and boxing.  Observing integrity and fair play, combating any form of discrimination inside and outside of the ring.  Boxers being responsible for proper and graduated management of their weight, avoiding extremely dangerous up and down fluctuations.  To behave well and responsibly at the events leading up to fight night. NO manipulation of gloves, no illegal punches, as well as NO reference to the word KILL or die.  Considering these two words, figurative speaking is NOT acceptable or permitted.


The larger Social Responsibility report in booklet form, explores a number of themes in great depth. Under the main heading: What is the WBC, it discusses its history, vision, values and highlights its icons.  There`s a section about Human Rights examining communication, the WBC University, women in Boxing, Ring Telmex-Telcel, which has so greatly helped develop champions,  weight control as well as special WBC belts.



Also Transparency in Boxing, with the Clean Boxing Program and ratings of the seventeen weight divisions. Boxing For the Community spearheaded by WBC Cares which visits hospitals, schools, orphanages and centers  with toys inspirational talks, hugs plus hope  for youngsters.  Fund raising, a KO to bullying, Clinics of BoxVal, which has been inspired by Pope Francis, boxing and discapacity and a special fund for retired champions/boxers.


An open heart can compliment a close fist!


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