WBC Chief Sulaiman Explains GGG VS CANELO Comments

By Jon Sutton


Poster for the original rematch, due in March, which was cancelled after Canelo tested positive for a banned substance. GGG now believes he is entitled to a larger share of the profit ahead of the new date in September.


After Mauricio Sulaiman’s comments regarding GGG v Canelo made their way around the web this week, Fight Scene caught up with the WBC boss for the facts of the matter…



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“GGG is one of the very few fighters who has never been moved by money – but by glory and pride” 





JS: We have been hearing a lot this week about your apparent “urging” of GGG to take the 65/35 split to fight Canelo again. Is this story accurate, please Mauricio?

Sulaiman with his super champ, GGG.

MS: I do not think that the word “urging” is accurate, I was asked my opinion about the situation of the GGG versus Canelo fight and the information that is available reflects that the original deal for May 5 is not being respected – and that is the reason for the fight not to be signed yet. It is my opinion that if GGG was ready to fight under such terms in May, then it should not be much trouble to accept them for September.


JS: But why you think it’s so important for GGG to do that, if he’s not happy with the deal?

The Brains Behind the Battles: WBC Boss Mauricio Sulaiman (far right) ponders GGG’s next move in the aftermath of another victory.

MS: GGG has sacrificed for years – having his mind and his heart on the goal of reaching the top of the world by defeating mega stars. He waited for Sergio Martinez, Miguel Cotto and then for Canelo to take the first fight. Immediately after the fight was declared a draw he stated he only had interest in fighting a rematch to prove in the ring who is the best. He has sacrificed money and other opportunities waiting for this lifetime chance to become a world hero, he’s so close and I think that is all that matters to him.


JS: But GGG is your middleweight champ, does he not deserve a larger share after Canelo tested for clenbuterol?

MS: Of course he’s the champion, however, it is them who have negotiated and regardless of what people think, it is the promoters who negotiate and make the contracts. Unfortunately, when superstars reach such status, money is the only thing that matters. GGG is one of the very few who has never been moved by money but more for glory and pride.


JS: Mauricio, thanks very much for your time…


And there it is folks, the facts of the matter in black and white.

Mauricio Sulaiman remains an unbiased voice in the world of boxing’s big money men.

By Jon Sutton